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Cherchbi x Tamasyn Gambell. 2012. Collaborative printed Herdwyck tweed bag collection.

A collaboration with renowned print designer Tamasyn Gambell. With her eponymous brand she creates luxurious, considered designs which are sold in design and fashion stores globally.

The idea of print on Herdwyck tweed connects our appreciation of graphic pattern with Herdwick smit-marks, (the bright paint marks on sheared sheep to identify them).

Tamasyn’s approach to print design is striking; bold colour and shape slightly subverted by the misaligned colour blocks. The two designs appearing in this collaboration, Broken Square and Two Colour Geometric, are inspired by nautical flags and their graphic structures. They are all hand screen printed using water based pigments.

The prints reveal new texture in the tweed. Accepted by the dark wool fibres the ink produces deep colour while the kemp fibres appear bright white against this background. This merging of bold, graphic colour and coarse natural textures creates a mesmerising new aesthetic, simultaneously modern and organic.

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