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Millican. 2009 – 2013. Bag design and consultancy.

Millican creates travel & outdoor bags for active types and curious thinkers. Launched in 2008 this Lake District brand takes its name, and much of its ethos from Victorian eco-adventurer and godfather of sustainable living Millican Dalton. The company’s dynamic co-founders Jorrit and Nicky live and breathe every aspect of their brand.

Their continuous stream of bag-related ideas is filtered through my industry knowledge and technical know-how. From this rich creative partnership concepts are sparked, thrown back and forth then sketched into shape. The best are refined into multi-page specification drawings followed by prototype samples.


These efforts blend a material palette of organic cotton, recycled polyester, Lakeland wool and veg-tanned leather with the classic shapes, modern functionality and sustainable innovation the brand is known for.

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